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So people think I'm weird for watching Degrassi, but sometimes it's good and dramatic and interesting. However I'm very disappointed by a recent story arc, given how many young teenagers watch this show.

So girl and boy are dating for a while, after boy crushed on girl for years, girl lost her virginity to delinquent, boy cheated on girl with psycho who came back only to get nearly killed by texting and walking (all this is par for the course on Degrassi), boy and girl finally get back together and talk about having sex. Of course in a "My parents are away let's do it tonight because we love each other, not that we've ever talked about this before". Oh, and girl just started taking the pill.

Since they are still high school students, they do other things, and the girl has been busy researching a breathalyzer for breast cancer detection. Some alum at MIT comes to meet her, and offers her a full scholarship to MIT if she can graduate a year early. Cause, you know, this is how it works. Though only 5 days have passed since the sex, girl is concerned she is pregnant because she missed two pills in a week (despite her cell phone alarm that reminds her to take it) she's moody and feels sick (and no, getting a life-changing scholarship you have to choose to accept or not NEVER does that). SO:
- she buys a pregnancy test and sneaks home to take it, only to get caught by her mother
- blames roommate for the pregnancy test
- realizes test doesn't work until 10 days post-conception, so makes clinic appointment
- tells boyfriend she might be pregnant
- boyfriend decides she should have the kid and defer MIT for a year, then they all move to MIT
- asks MIT person about deferring, it's not a possibility. Oh noes!
- decides on her own that she won't have the baby, really wants MIT
- tells boyfriend, pissing him off, he leaves in a huff
- gets lab results from the clinic, oh look not pregnant!
- tells boyfriend she almost jeopardized her future having sex with him, so she won't do it again.

Yes, teen girls, please freak out about possibly being pregnant way too soon, and worry the heck out of other people while you're at it. I'm all for responsibility and realizing the consequences of sex, but this is all kinda crazy.

Oh yeah, and she's going to MIT so she can work to cure cancer!
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